Straight Forward Pricing

At DaDesktop we believe that our product is not only the best but also the most cost effective of ANY remote learning and working desktop. We are not only competitive, we are a very cost effective solution to your needs. We believe in straight forward pricing with zero hidden cost. Our pricing reflects unlimited usage from 1 to 10 machines/desktops.

Number of  machines/desktops


per day
1 User8 CPU/8GB RAM/50GB SDD$9.99
10 Users8 CPU/8GB RAM/50GB SDD$99.00


Depending on your needs, you can increase the number of CPUs up to a maximum of 16, the RAM up to 64GB and the SSD capacity up to 250GB, though it may be necessary to reduce the number of machines running simultaneously with this configuration (depending on your type of subscription).


30 Day FREE Trial – (credit card information is required) Use code free30 at checkout!

*during the trial period only machines with Ubuntu Linux are available


For questions or enterprise pricing, please email:

Or call 917-821-7683 (Office Hours Apply)

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