Why DaDesktop?

DaDesktop is not just a remote platform that gives you the ability to chat with people. It is a platform that allows to truly interact with an unlimited amount of people for an unlimited amount of time while sharing an unlimited amount of information and documentation, from anywhere in the world. It allows you to work, train and teach with a confidence that can only come from using the remote DaDesktop platform. No additional software or hardware is needed. It works seemlessy with any computer and beats any compitition on price. Set up takes mere minutes. DaDesktop is the future of remote. See what we can do for you, your school or your company by reading below.

Remote or in Person Teaching and Lecturing

Schools, Universities, Teachers, Instructors, Lecturing

  • Upload and control any curriculum with the click of a button!
  • Connect with your entire classroom whether remote or in person, no limits!
  • Reach students across the globe to any learning base on any type of computer!
  • Connect with seamless precision, no down time and no lag time!
  • Lecture and ask/answer questions in real time via chat or video!
  • Set up in just minutes!
  • Give assignments or create break out study groups!
  • Pricing that beats nearly every competitor!

Remote or in Person Group Corporate Business Training

Corporations and Small Businesses

  • Manage an train your team with no time limits!
  • Communicate without concern of downtime or lag!
  • Securely transfer documents and information!
  • Collaberate with unlimited team members anywhere in the world!
  • Communicate and ask/answer questions instantly via text and video chat!
  • Create unlimited breakout rooms for smaller group study or collaberation!
  • Manage and interface with clients in groups or individually!

Remote Working

Work Remotely from anywhere and reach anyone!

  • Reach anyone at anytime, anywhere in a group or alone!
  • Communicate via video and chat!
  • Share your screen and give demonstrations seamlessly!
  • Run and train your team!
  • Share important data, graphs without limitation for as long as you need!
  • Create chat or break out groups for individual study!
  • Time management for your team!

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